Discovering a Rainbow

On January 12th 2019, nine months after losing our first son James, and 6 months after we started trying for baby number two. We found out we were finally pregnant with our rainbow.

The loss of a child, whether in miscarriage, stillbirth, compassionate termination or neonatal death, is classed as a dark storm in any parents life, and the conception of a baby, post-loss, is referred to as a rainbow – colour and hope amongst a dark time.

Below is a vlog I made on the day, you can see the visible shock and worry already setting in. But even watching myself back I can see a glimmer of hope in my eyes.

I have made other videos between taking the test and our anomaly scans, but I’m not sure I’ll post those and I’m a little crazed and ranting but I’ll see how I go.

Video made on January 12th 2019

Whether in script or video, I’ll keep the updates coming! (Subscribe to my youtube channel here!)

L x

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